четверг, марта 31


Louis Wain present:

really like it

Your trolollol,

The authentically life.

Today the bright sun and dark sky made an atmosphere of Greece.
Oh guys! It was amazing! But it was 3 years ago.
When I see her I recollect the summer.
I don`t want to speak about Greece, but all time I remind her that.
We must do it and decide what to do.
But I shrink in the face of fascinating danger and fuck off all.
Sorry. Oh, girlhood.

I have this situation some times
ahh ans I really don`t know why
Your Light,

понедельник, марта 28

Full version!


Your Light,

MyCampRock. Orly?!! Орлы!

Now I partisipate in on conpetition "My Camp Rock"
And if u help me win I `ll be happy :)
eeee Sveta Slavdorri
see this \/
1.check in one (or how much do u like :)
2. make ***** stars (or how much do u like :)
thanks :)

Your Hippocampus,
Svet Slavdorri.

вторник, марта 22

Poo and do!

If I want I do.
I`m sooooooo nervous about this competition.
I can`t sleep I can only eat
Dear God! Work miracle, please!
8 months ago I was skinny. beach.

Your Raccoon,
Svet Slavdorri forever, but for him I`ll make an exception.

четверг, марта 17

What do you think about Russia?

This words I was writing all night:
Hi!In the university we make project
"What do people from other country think about Russia and people?"
Write 5 words about:)))
I have got so different thought.

- England 15: helped in the wars

- England 19: sexy girls
- England 21: Cambrige University. Study on English Literature:
I love your country and people. It is the best country in the world.
You have a beautiful history and literatute. You have a difficult alfhavit. (! He was so nice!)
- England 20: working. mad, cold, putin, vodka sexy grils (girls)
- USA 17: cold war (! what? only this? u cool, boy.!)
- USA girl 17: big cold. comunism. babushka.

READ THIS! IT`S so HORRIBLE! beeeeee :|||
France? :)
Your Lenur macaco,

среда, марта 9

What about red?

This picture is truly captivating!
I keep my eyes glued on.
It`s sooo amazing!
I don`t like Scotch check, but now I`m ready to make an exception to the rule.
The combination of her dress and his tie drive me mad! red forever!

Your Muscardinus avellanarius,

вторник, марта 8

Big day!

Dear, Girls!
This comics I made specially for u and us! :)

Your Sweet,

четверг, марта 3

Necklace from Jumanji

I found funny adornment ahah and their cost so funny too
Make your Jumanji with monkeys and elephants!
And I found some exotic keychain
hm no words, only see!

Your Anthropoidea,