понедельник, февраля 28

Sping will be tomorrow!

Today I bought some exotic. khm.
Some strange taste, but what you can wait from soya? :)

I want some newww
Spring, I believe in you! and Dima Bilan too!
Spring, come on!
Spring looks like on Spingfiled.
a lot of S

 Sing the song with me allllalal alalal alallala allalallalala la
 lalalla lal llala ala alalalal al la allallal  alalall la lalaallalal la
 alallaa lala lall alla llalal all al al la lal llllallaalallalal lalalala
 ala lalla lal la-la-la-la lalalal lallalal lala llalalall alll lalala la!

Your Tamias striatus,

воскресенье, февраля 27

I`m how an army - big and green!

Today I, dad, sister and bro had visited one boring place.
After, 3 first person went to do shopping.
We bought:
  • me - green (army?) chemise in Benetton;
  • sister - the flowerpot and theflower;
  • for us - seeds of strawberries.
And I wait on March for plantation! eee!
my green chemise and all my green life!
Your Rana catesbiana,

суббота, февраля 26


I was doinf this "olololo" all evening.
And I bought a new mascara and parfume lilac
ahaahah I wanted to write more, but now my dad in the fury
i c u
i c u

Ahahah some funny information:

Your Blennius ocellaris,

среда, февраля 23

Be bear or die!

I want T-Shirt with bear.

Your Ursus maritimus,

воскресенье, февраля 20

Black Swan


Today I was on movie "Black Swan". An old man (sitting right of me in sweater with deers) all time was looking asquint on me and thinking: 'Hmmm how was it possible to let a ten-year-old girl into the cinema?!!!'.
Oh shitman, die!
The movie so liked me, that I called first cooking myself chocolate cake - 'Black Swan' name for masturbating Natalie Portman. I loooove her leanness!

Good luck in cooking!
Your Cygnus,