четверг, марта 17

What do you think about Russia?

This words I was writing all night:
Hi!In the university we make project
"What do people from other country think about Russia and people?"
Write 5 words about:)))
I have got so different thought.

- England 15: helped in the wars

- England 19: sexy girls
- England 21: Cambrige University. Study on English Literature:
I love your country and people. It is the best country in the world.
You have a beautiful history and literatute. You have a difficult alfhavit. (! He was so nice!)
- England 20: working. mad, cold, putin, vodka sexy grils (girls)
- USA 17: cold war (! what? only this? u cool, boy.!)
- USA girl 17: big cold. comunism. babushka.

READ THIS! IT`S so HORRIBLE! beeeeee :|||
France? :)
Your Lenur macaco,

7 комментариев:

  1. wtf?
    none knows where this damn tibet is
    he's naturally sitting there and jerking off on Russian girls

  2. don`t speak so bad words ahhaha
    I think that he has an empty pate J_J

  3. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    may be you mix up "pate=head" and "pâté=food" ?)))

  4. pate - паштет :D
    i mean
    i can't understand :D
    i'm soooo stuuupid!

  5. сотри тут 3) пункт.
    это мне сам яндех подсказал :)


  6. ахах
    пусть будет паштетная башка)


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