воскресенье, декабря 26



"I need somebody..."  I need new people. My hair have orange colour, more than die.
This night I were cring to see "Gossip Girl".
fuuuuuuck i haven`t near anybody.
After i said: "Fuuuuuu, I don`t want to celebrate New Year with family"
After and now i say: "Ir, you got me, go suck!"
And what i have? only fat.
miss you all.

i want abroad.
but i`m a broad

Your Meleagris gallopavo Linnaeus,

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  1. heeey
    don't worry
    everything will be okay, u'll see
    it's not the last new year in your life
    enjoy what you have :)

  2. than, I have a cat and love it :)
    and I decided to go on the Nevskij Street at new year night))
    Let's set fire!

  3. no
    I was at home with my students)) we had a wonderful time))
    and u?

  4. I was at home with my family :S
    frankly speaking, I don't think that new year is so especial holiday, so at half past twelve I was already sleeping)

  5. oh well maybe in American bar)
    u'll hear my sonorous strong voice
    napilllaaaaaaasya ya pjaaaaaaaaaanaaaaa
    can't go do doooooommmmmaaaaaaaa


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