пятница, декабря 31

New Year - New Hair!

In New Year I step with emerald green hair
I wish you, my dear:
- do a lot of stupid things!
- distrust false monkeys!
- save up money for escape!
Be yourself!

Happy New Year!
Your Crocodilus,

4 комментария:

  1. happy new year)
    good tidings to u and all of ur kin.
    my water nymph :DDDDDDD
    but to tell the truth I thought that it would be...grin like grass :lol
    anyhow, I'm in love with ur colour)

  2. yes, I thought how u) but at the last moment, I decided to be a fir-tree))
    green like grass will be later!

    Happy New Year too!! Fulfil all your wishes!


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