воскресенье, февраля 20

Black Swan


Today I was on movie "Black Swan". An old man (sitting right of me in sweater with deers) all time was looking asquint on me and thinking: 'Hmmm how was it possible to let a ten-year-old girl into the cinema?!!!'.
Oh shitman, die!
The movie so liked me, that I called first cooking myself chocolate cake - 'Black Swan' name for masturbating Natalie Portman. I loooove her leanness!

Good luck in cooking!
Your Cygnus,

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  1. I want to cook it too)
    I tried Brownis (??)
    but...it was...a little bit...no, well, just a great peace of shit :SS
    I'm an awful cook, i swear, unfortunately :SS

  2. :)
    open your my secret: one of this layer... doesn`t get baked through. And it has a taste of eggs. beeee(
    but all other is perfec:) I belive that you can!!

  3. all :)
    but my favorite dish is a snickerdoodles. I adore them! it`s a biscuit)))

  4. ммм.. ням! как бы мне нау4иться его готовить.. =)


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