понедельник, февраля 28

Sping will be tomorrow!

Today I bought some exotic. khm.
Some strange taste, but what you can wait from soya? :)

I want some newww
Spring, I believe in you! and Dima Bilan too!
Spring, come on!
Spring looks like on Spingfiled.
a lot of S

 Sing the song with me allllalal alalal alallala allalallalala la
 lalalla lal llala ala alalalal al la allallal  alalall la lalaallalal la
 alallaa lala lall alla llalal all al al la lal llllallaalallalal lalalala
 ala lalla lal la-la-la-la lalalal lallalal lala llalalall alll lalala la!

Your Tamias striatus,

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